For over thirty years, Faour Glass Technologies has been excelling in the glass fabrication and manufacturing business. Since our founding in 1975, we have contributed to countless innovative glass applications for high-profile residential and commercial projects.

Over the years, we have capitalized on advancements in engineering and technology in order to provide our customers with the latest and greatest glass products and services. The foundation of our success, however, stems from three core components:

1. Stunning elegance

2. High-performance

3. Code-compliance

We want those factors to be synonymous with the Faour Glass brand, along with innovation, superior customer service, and timeless architecture. To further set ourselves apart from other glass companies, we offer our vertical integration of the system development process:

• Engineering

• Fabrication

• Installation

In addition to a solid reputation in the industry, Faour Glass Technologies is proud to have a U.S. patent pending for the very first hurricane impact-resistant, structurally glazed system. Our unique Slimpact Frameless Window System was designed to meet strict industry codes, while delivering clear, unobstructed views. The Slimpact system also eliminates the need for any additional protective materials such as metal or shutters.

Hurricane safety has become increasingly important over the years, as a number of disastrous storms have wreaked havoc in multiple states. Florida residents are especially at risk of hurricane damage, but often times neglect to properly prepare.

The Slimpact system can make all the difference in regards to damage and safety if and when a severe hurricane should hit. The added benefit to customers that opt for this is that views remain open and clear, so as not to diminish the design factor of a home or building.