• Alfonso Architects, Inc.
  • Arthur Dyson Architects
  • Chancey Design Partnership
  • Cooper Johnson Smith Architects, Inc.
  • Egan | Simon Architecture
  • FleishmanGarcia Architects
  • Guy Peterson Office for Architecture
  • Hartley + Purdy Architecture, Inc.
  • Holmes Hepner & Associates Architects
  • Rañon & Partners, Inc. Architects
  • Rojo Architecture, LLC
  • Seibert Architects PA
  • Smith Dalia Architects, LLC
  • Stofft Cooney Architects
  • Trelles Cabarrocas Architects


  • Chancey Interior Design
  • Fanny Haim & Associates Inc.
  • HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates
  • Richlin Interiors

Contractors & Builders

  • A. Vernon Allen Builder, Inc.
  • Archer Western, member of The Walsh Group
  • Coastal Construction Group of South Florida, Inc.
  • EWI Construction
  • J.O. DeLotto and Sons, Inc.
  • Monogram Builders, Inc.
  • Suffolk Construction Co.

We support architects, designers, contractors and builders whose clients seek contemporary glass creations for their unique spaces and signature projects. Throughout the creative design process, imagination and innovation take precedence. When our efforts are combined with those of the professionals we support, unique visions become tangible glass creations.

The longstanding partnerships that Faour Glass has with its distinguished clients in the design and building industries has allowed us the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to provide quality and code-compliant structural glass system. Since our founding in 1975, we have been both fortunate and thankful to be a part of the design and construction scene.

From residential customizations to large-scale commercial projects, Faour Glass always stays up to date on the latest and greatest glass techniques, innovative materials, and industry standards. Working with glass offers limitless possibilities, as does working with architects, builders, contactors, and designers alike.

Not only does our work reflect the power of imagination captured in glass, but it allows us to demonstrate advancements in technology and the unique visions of our individual clients. Our goal to provide fine craftsmanship and customer service, from the initial conceptualization to the final installation.

A fine-tuned attention to detail makes it possible for us to deliver glass structures and creations that are both safe and stunning. Performance standards and regulations are always a top priority, as is achieving glass masterpieces that exceed the expectations of our clients, and of our clients’ clients.