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High-End Commercial Glazing

Commercial buildings can be defined by its skin, its entry, and its interior. Faour Glass offers commercial architects, designers, and owners the ultimate signature glazing solutions for both new and retrofit construction.  From our patented SLIMPACT® frameless impact window walls and pivot doors to skylights, railings, and interior engineered glass walls and structures. Our engineering team works directly with the designer to achieve the perfect glass and glazing solution. We offer the ultimate package as a one-stop provider of luxury and high-end glazing solutions.

About Faour Glass Technologies

Commercial Markets

SLIMPACT & Engineered Glazing Systems


SLIMPACT® Window Wall and Doors are the perfect glazing solution for luxury car dealers, offering contemporary design with the ultimate showroom storefront. No metal means more glass and more visible areas.  All this while providing hurricane protection, meeting the most stringent impact codes of South Florida.

SLIMPACT® has been used in such dealerships as Maserati, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, Nissan, and Dodge. 

Want a signature office building facade?SLIMPACT® provides the perfect solution for both new construction and retrofit applications. With no metal framing, SLIMPACT® Window Walls and Doors can not only define a corporate building but protect it from the harshest weather conditions, meeting HVHZ for large missile.

For interior glazing applications, Faour Glass can engineer one-of-a-kind glass structures to meet any design desire, creating corporate interiors that stand out from the crowd.

Office Buildings
Entrance Enhancement

SLIMPACT® Entrance Enhancement is a program for dated office buildings that need to upgrade their facade and entrance.  The investment in retrofitting an older entrance and lobby can offer numerous advantages to building owners looking to maintain or increase the building's value and rents in a very competitive space. 

SLIMPACT® will significantly upgrade the aesthetics of a building while providing the ultimate hurricane and security protection.

SLIMPACT® offers high-end retailers the perfect solution for beauty, protection, and unobstructed views to showcase products and promote the companies brand. The all glass glazing system makes it seem as if nothing is between the shopper and the store.

SLIMPACT® known for its high-performance protection from hurricanes also provides retailers the ultimate protection from burglars and vandals.

Gaming & Hotels

The gaming and hotel industry is known for some of the most extravagant architectural designs. SLIMPACT® takes it to another level for exterior glazing, offering frameless window walls, doors, railings, and skylights.  All SLIMPACT® products provide hurricane protection meeting the impact requirement of HVHZ.

For interior glass applications, Faour Glass offers custom-engineered designs to create unique visual experiences for aesthetics and function.