Continuing Education
for Architects

Faour Glass Technologies currently offers two AIA approved courses for continuing education to architects and designers. 

"Designing with Jumbo Glass in the Hurricane Market"


"High-Performance Glass and Frameless Windows"

Both courses are available as Lunch+Learns and Online Presentation by request. Our High-Performance Glass and Frameless Window course is also available as a video On-Demand course (video course below). To request a Lunch+Learn contact Annette Nuhfer via email at or by phone at (813) 494-7943  



NEW! Designing with Jumbo Glass in the Hurricane Market

Course Description:  Designing with jumbo architectural glass is the latest glazing trend for both residential and commercial applications. Jumbo glass gives architects and owners more options than ever before. This course will discuss what jumbo glass is, glass trends, design concerns, performance capabilities, and how jumbo glass is moving into the hurricane market.

Cours Credit: AIA 1 Learning Unit (HSW)

Course Offerings: Lunch+Learn, and Live Online 

Learning Objectives:

  1. An Introduction to jumbo glass…we will define jumbo glass, it’s increasing demand in the U.S, design trends, applications, limitations and performance criteria

  2. Identify opportunities to use jumbo glass in the hurricane market while meeting safety and code requirements

  3. Discuss how jumbo glass can maximize daylighting and the related benefits in well-being, LEED and productivity

  4.  Review related building codes, product approvals and specifications



High-Performance Glass and Frameless Windows

Course Description: Our AIA course will review high-performance architectural glass and glazing systems for commercial and residential applications including impact-resistant frameless systems. The course will also provide an overview of safety standards, impact codes, applications, specifications, and design trends for architectural glass and glazing.


Course Title: High-Performance Glass and Frameless Windows

Cours Credit: AIA 1 Learning Unit (HSW)

Course Offerings: Lunch+Learn, Live Online, and Online Video

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the various types of architectural glass and related performance for commercial and residential applications

  2. Understand commercial and residential window systems, applications, codes and performance

  3. Understand impact-resistant requirements and frameless window systems

  4. Review design trends for daylighting, sustainability and specifying high-performance glazing systems



On-Demand Video Course: High-Performance Glass and Frameless Windows

To take our video course for distance learning:

  • Click on the video below, view the entire video course

  • After completing the video click on the "TAKE TEST" link below to register and take the 10 question test

  • After creating an account on the test site, you will need to provide a password to proceed - the password is "FGT"

  • You will need to provide your name, your AIA number (if applicable) and acknowledge if you would like to receive a certificate of completion

  • There will be a short list of instructions and you will be directed to the test

  • After completing the test with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive your certificate of completion 


If you are an AIA member and you have provided the correct AIA member number, you will receive credit with AIA.  Our AIA Provider partner is Donovan+Associates, if you have any questions please email


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