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The SLIMPACT® product line offers the combination of beauty, elegance, and performance in a frameless impact glazing system. The first of its kind, SLIMPACT® Windows and Doors feature a structural glazing technique designed for the luxury residential and commercial markets. With no framing on the SLIMPACT® Window and minimizing metal on the SLIMPACT® Door, SLIMPACT® provides unobstructed views while still meeting Florida’s large missile impact requirements.




With clean lines and minimal metal, SLIMPACT® Frameless Doors  allows architects, designers and owners even more options for creating a modern space without compromising on safety and hurricane protection. Meeting Florida’s strict missile impact requirements, this new door technology is as secure as it is seamless.

Patent Number: US 10,309,147 B1
Design pressures +/- 90 PSF   |  10' high, 4' wide doors

See the Slimpact Door at the lab...

SLIMPACT® Window Wall Features 
  • The first frameless window wall system to meet hurricane impact codes

  • Florida Product Approval for Large Missle D

  • Patented Design, Patent No. US 8,915,032 B1

  • Create large stunning views with no obstructions

  • Design pressures up to +/-110 psf (HVHZ)

  • Sizes up to 8' wide by 12' high

  • Low iron, low-e coatings, films and tints to control glare, visible light and heat gain

SLIMPACT® Door Features 
  • All glass door system with minimal metal designed to meet hurricane impact codes

  • Florida Product Approval for Large Missle D

  • Patented

  • Design pressures of +/-90 psf (HVHZ)

  • Door panel sizes up to 4' wide by 10' high

  • The system includes all seals and closers in the perimeter frame

  • Integrates with SLIMPACT® window wall system and other glazing systems

  • Low iron, low-e coatings, films and tints to control glare, visible light and heat gain

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Florida Retrofit Condo: Before+After
Standard Impact Window System replaced with SLIMPACT® Frameless Impact Window Wall


SLIMPACT®  offers an array of stunning window configurations to meet the most demanding residential and commercial design needs. Ideal applications include any space that desires the maximum amount of daylighting and viewing area while meeting the performance of large missile impact requirements.



SLIMPACT® Fixed Windows offers four-sided support with a maximum window size of 5’x10’.  This configuration is typical for punched openings that are designed with a single unit.


SLIMPACT® In-Line Multi-Panel Window Wall System brings multiple fixed units together to expand the overall opening.  Any width can be achieved by combining units with a maximum module size of 8’x12’.  This configuration is ideal for expansive views, such as high-end retail showrooms and waterfront homes. 


SLIMPACT® Neo-Angle Windows and Walls offer a three-dimensional look to the window or wall system with multiple units combined with a minimum 135° angle and maximum module size of 5’x10’. This configuration is ideal for creating a dimensional look with glass with minimal viewing obstruction. 


SLIMPACT® Corner Windows offer a 90 degree frameless corner system that eliminates the need for post supports, creating an unobtrusive view that can create an extension of a SLIMPACT® Window or Door.


SLIMPACT® Doors allow architects and owners even more options for creating a modern, cutting edge design without compromising on safety and hurricane protection. Offering clean lines and minimal hardware, Slimpact® Frameless Doors easily interface with any of our Slimpact® system products, as well as other impact glazing systems. Single door size up to 4’w x 10’h.


No limit on the number of SLIMPACT® Windows that can be combined.

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